What happens during your Aesthetic Clinic Appointment?

Let me give you some information about the aesthetic consultation process, so that it helps to put you at ease when you go to your appointment.

The first step is a detailed consultation. This is a crucial step in the process as it allows you to know your aesthetic practitioner, who can understand your concerns and can plan a patient-specific treatment. Do not hesitate to ask questions regarding the products used, the side effects associated with treatments, the level of down time after treatment etc.

There is no need to ask for a particular treatment. It is best to let your practitioner know your concerns and they will then do a full face assessment and discuss with you all the available treatment options. Practitioners take a detailed medical history during this process and it is imperative that important health conditions are not withheld because this is an important step in planning potential treatments.

You can take time to think and understand the treatment plan before committing to it.

Is the provider pressurising you to get procedures done same day when you are not prepared for it? Consider this as a red flag.

On the day of treatment, attend the clinic makeup-free to reduce the time taken to remove all the makeup and to minimise the risk of infection.

You will be given consent forms to sign before starting the treatment.

Photos will be taken during the process for the purpose of maintaining medical records and will not be shared with anyone unless you consent to share this on social media platforms.

You may get some numbing agent to keep you comfortable. A vibrating device or a squeeze ball may help to divert your mind from any discomfort associated with the injectable treatment.

Then the actual treatment procedure starts. A good injector always takes time and never rushes. Disinfecting the skin and following the aseptic technique is very important to reduce the risk of infection.

You will then be given the aftercare instruction which you are expected to follow in order to get a good result from your treatment. Your treatment provider should always give you an emergency contact number.

Follow up appointment is a part of the treatment plan. This will be discussed with you soon after the completion of the procedure.

Hope this helps you to prepare in your rejuvenating self care journey.