Exploring the Latest Botulinum Toxin Innovations of 2022: Alluzience, Nuceiva, and Letybo

Young woman attending beautician, having anti-aging injection at her face

In the dynamic world of cosmetic procedures, 2022 has witnessed the emergence of new Botulinum Toxin brands, promising unique features and advantages. While the established names like Botox, Azzalure, and Bocouture have been mainstays, let’s delve into the newcomers that have gained approval in the UK this year—Alluzience, Nuceiva, and Letybo.

Alluzience by Galderma: Galderma, the brains behind Azzalure, introduces Alluzience, a novel botulinum toxin type A (relabotulinumtoxinA). What sets it apart is its claim of a quicker onset and longer duration of action compared to other brands. Boasting a rapid onset in as little as a day and a duration of six months, Alluzience presents a liquid formulation, eliminating the need for reconstitution.

Nuceiva by Evolus: Evolus brings Nuceiva to the UK market, an evolution of probotulinumotxinA used in the United States since 2019 as Jeuveau. With a 900kDa neurotoxin akin to Botox, Nuceiva demonstrates a faster onset (2 days) and potentially longer duration (4-5 months). Precision is a highlight, with minimal product spread, emphasizing the importance of accurate placement and a solid understanding of anatomy.

Letybo by Croma-Pharma: Letybo (letibotulinumtoxinA), launched by Croma-Pharma, is a newcomer in the EU and UK. Having been a market leader in Asia under various names like Botulax, Regenox, and Zentox, it entered the UK market in 2022.With its unique formulation and market experience in Asia, Letybo aims to provide a novel option for those considering wrinkle-reducing treatments. The product’s introduction to the UK market in 2022 brings a promising alternative, and its reported advantages include potential precision in application, reduced product spread, and, in theory, a longer duration of action.

Conclusion: The field of botulinum toxin products for cosmetic use is evolving, and these new entries—Alluzience, Nuceiva, and Letybo—bring innovation and potential advantages. As with any cosmetic procedure, it’s crucial for individuals to stay informed, consult with qualified healthcare professionals, and be aware of the latest updates and regulatory standards in their region.